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This is susuEat. 

               Let's eat and meet! 

Often feel lonely dining alone? We are here for you! 

Key Features

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 11.59.35

Find restaurants based on personal preferences and waiting time  

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 11.59.03

Discover and join a

meetup with friends 

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 11.57.42

Schedule a meetup with friends 

Interactive Prototype
Concept/Demo Video

Interactive prototype

Test and Play 😄



       Built with Adobe XD. 

Available on your browser!



       Built with Swift for iOS development.

zip file provided

Concept Video

How we turn our ideas into action.

High-fi Demo Video

A quick walk through of each feature.

Design Process

Design Process

Steps we take to complete this project using design thinking method

01. Needfinding

We interviewed restaurant owners, staffs and students to gain further understanding of their needs. We learned that restaurant owners need a marketing channel to reach more students, staffs need an all-in-one platform to record special needs of each order and phone/walk-in orders and students need a platform that allows them to look up nearby restaurants based on types of cuisine, proximity, positive reviews rather than scattered information (such as lengthy blogs) on Google.  

A kindly reminder...

Slides and reports are all in pdf format. 

02. Point of View & Experience Prototyping 

Through multiple rounds of interviews, we collected a wide range of ideas.

After classifying them, we selected 3 main ideas that we think might have a higher potential to further developed.


This enabled us to ideate our 3 HOW MIGHT WE statement (with a potential solution), which is 1) Q: How might we increase restaurant exposure? S: Recommendations from friends 2) Q: How might we allow users to find places they want to eat? S: Provide multiple filters menu 3) Q: How might we provide a systematic ordering experience? S: Use a mobile device to order: solving long queuing time problem.


We then decided to expand idea 2 and created an experience prototype by sketching out the initial version of mobile app interface to gain more feedbacks from our users.

03. Concept Video 

Scroll up to see our concept video!!

After developing 3 tasks from experience prototype, we have a more comprehensive idea of how each feature might look like. 

The 3 tasks are: 

1. Find restaurants based on personal preferences and waiting time

2. Discover and join a meetup with friends 

3. Schedule a meetup with friends 

With concept video, users are able to understand how these tasks function in real life. 

04. Low-fi Prototype

In the low-fi prototyping stage, we drew out each interface and user flows of the above 3 tasks. 

Throughout pilot usability testing, we learned that it is important to take UI/UX design into consideration as we often tend to ignore details when focusing on developing major features.  

05. Med-fi Prototype

After receiving feedback from both users and the lecturer in the low-fi prototyping development stage, we learned that our value proposition wasn't clear enough.


We kept asking ourself - How can we distinguish our app from other searching engines that are much more powerful than us? 

Later, we re-defined the value that we aim to provide to our users. That is, rather than putting effort in developing restaurant searching and filtering functions, we should focus on expanding the meetup feature - enable students who often feel lonely dining alone to invite friends for lunch together. 

All med-fi prototypes have been implemented with Adobe XD. Users are able to interact with the app. 

revision after heuristic evaluation...

06. Group Heuristic Evaluation 

This involves having a small set of evaluators examine the interface and judge its compliance with recognised usability principles (Nielsen's heursitics).

07. High-fi Prototype 

Built with Swift for iOS development and firebase as backend database. 

08. Usability Testing

Having done 80% of our mobile app development, we invited potential users for final usability testing. We learned that UI/UX design is as important as having good features implemented that actually solves users' problem. Bad UI/UX design will stop users from using your app. 

10. Poster & Demo Video

Our Team

Our Team

Copyright © 2020 NTU HCI Team 3

Dennis Song

Lead Engineer


Joanne Hsieh

Lead Designer


Bianca Chang 

Product Manager

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